Walrus Audio’s Fundamental Drive: three overdrive modes for a wide range of sounds

The Fundamental Drive by Walrus Audio offers three overdrive modes with different clipping modes for a wide range of customizable sounds through simple and effective controls. Walrus Audio is a

Vanguard 5 fr by BNJ Guitars: fretless bass with iconic made in Italy design.

BNJ Guitars produces high-quality electric basses with fine materials and attention to details. The lightweight and versatile Vanguard 5 fr model is the Milan manufacturer’s flagship instrument. Bnj Guitars is

Ovation Jump: the first Applause with a traditional body design

The Ovation Jump Series acoustic guitar combines the traditional wooden acoustic guitar aesthetic with the distinctive technical features of the Ovation brand. Standing out in Ovation’s landscape is the Applause

Natural Drive: Vinteck’s smooth and transparent overdrive

Vinteck’s Natural Drive is a versatile pedal that offers a warm and round sound, in addition to many adjustment options to personalize its tone. Vinteck is a company specialized in

Ovation Ultra: a successful revival

Ovation celebrates the revival of the Ultra series after 25 years, retaining its original essence and introducing new features designed for singer-songwriters. Available in various colors, the Ovation Ultra is

Silentsystem: Il Partner Silenzioso del Successo del Guitar Show 2023

The partnership between Silentsystem and Guitar Show 2023 has enhanced the experience of exhibitors and visitors, thanks to the use of wireless headphone systems for product demos. Guitar Show 2023

True Vintage Vibes at Guitar Show 2023

The 2023 edition of the Guitar Show marked a historic moment with the introduction of a rich vintage area, thanks to the collaboration with Vintage Authority, Rock and Vintage and

Alex Ruffini: the eternal image of purest rock at the Guitar Show 2023

At the Guitar Show 2023, Alex Ruffini’s rock n’ roll sounded loud and clear, vibrating like the strings of a well-tuned guitar. The association ‘Cancer Drugs & Rock’n’Roll’ presented ‘Alex

Creators Roundtable at Guitar Show 2023: between Innovation and Musical Passion

At the Guitar Show 2023, in collaboration with Dantone Edizioni, the “Creators Roundtable” took place, a space for online content creators that received enormous feedback and public favor. The Guitar

Guitar Show 2023: The Future of Music Resonates in Padua.

The Guitar Show 2023 ended with exceptional success, marking a significant increase in attendees and exhibitors. With a 41% audience growth and a 31% increase in exhibitors, the event solidifies

Plick the Pick: comfort and performance without compromise

Plick the Pick guitar picks combine comfort and practicality, offering various shapes and thicknesses to suit different musical styles. Made from a patented eco-friendly material, they ensure optimal performance and

Walrus Audio Fundamental Series, try them all at the 2023 Guitar Show

Walrus Audio’s Fundamental Series meets the challenge of creating affordable pedals without compromising on build quality and functional versatility. Founded in 2011 in Oklahoma City, Walrus Audio is a company

QP SLIDES: when comfort meets quality materials and construction.

QP Slide is an Italian company that produces high-quality guitar slides, with a variety of models designed to offer comfort and precision.  Guitar slides are an essential accessory for many

GEWA Music brings Kyser capos to Europe

From January 1st, 2023, GEWA Music is the exclusive distributor of Kyser capos in several European countries, including Italy, Germany, Austria, France, and Croatia. Kyser is an American company specializing

Galileo Optical Tremolo: vintage character for a pedal with modern performance

Galileo is an optical tremolo with an analog oscillator that produces a natural tremolo effect without distortion, with versatile adjustment options and tap tempo functions.  DOPHIX is a guitar effects

Wasp Drive and Fox Drive from Black Kat Devices: our test.

Black Kat Devices is an Italian company specializing in the production of guitar pedals. All products are handmade and customizable through the use of 3D printing. Black Kat Devices is