Red Sound G66 Edition

Red Sound G66 Edition is responsible for the production of two new cabinets developed in collaboration with Marco Fanton, the ELIS 8 and MF. 10. These tiny cabinets are a

Sergio Tomassone Bologna

Sergio Tomassone, born in 1939, is a prominent figure in the field of historic Italian luthiery, with a career ranging from building guitars to founding and managing a well-known historic

Sergio Tomassone Roma

Sergio Tomassone, born in 1939, is a prominent figure in the Italian historic luthiery sector, renowned for his career spanning from guitar craftsmanship to founding and managing a renowned store


Supro is one of the original rock & roll music brands. First manufactured in Chicago from 1935 to 1968, Supro amplifiers and guitars are featured on landmark recordings by iconic

TiefTöner Guitar & Bass Cabinets

“TiefTöner is a German company specialising in the production of bass and guitar cabinets. In addition to the reproduction qualities, practicality was at the top of the list of requirements

Trace Elliot

For over 40 years, Trace Elliot® has been a leader in professional bass amplification, catering exclusively to bass guitarists. With a focus on delivering top-quality gear, they’ve recently launched the

Vox Amps

Vox Amplification’s legendary history began with Dick Denney, who joined England’s JMI Corporation in 1957. His innovative AC1/15 amplifier, introduced in 1958, marked the birth of the Vox name. The

Yamaha Music Europe

“We at Yamaha want to inspire peoples’ passion and help them make a step forward to express their individuality, emotion and creativity. The “Make Waves” concept focuses on our passions