Kemper Amps

Kemper Profiling Amps revolutionize guitar tone by accurately recreating the sound of any amp through profiling technology. From studio setups to live performances, it’s become a go-to for musicians worldwide.


“Designed and Engineered for musicians, by musicians. We are a proud family business dedicated to supporting players like you with the equipment to perform at your very best. Whether you’re

Line 6

Line 6 is a manufacturer of ‘modeling’ guitar amplifiers and related electronic accessories. Their products include electric and acoustic guitars, electric basses, amplifiers, effects, USB audio interfaces, and wireless guitar

Mark Bass Amps

“This brand has become the milestone in bass amplification, thanks to our founder in his team and all the artists. Markbass is well known all over the world.” COUNTRY Italy


The story of Marshall Amps begins in the garden shed of a few amateur radio enthusiasts, culminating in the period up to 1968 with the classic JTM series. Jim Marshall,


“MCSOUND Lab is located in Italy, in a small town on the coast of Marche. Made up of all musicians, we fully understand the importance of great sound, whether practicing


Mesa Boogie amplifiers are not just amps; they’re crafted with meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to quality that spans decades. Handcrafted in the USA, each amp embodies the

Mogar Music

Founded in 1987 in Milan, Italy, Mogar Music is now part of the business alliance between Zoom Corporation of Japan, Sound Service from Germany, and the Monzino family. With over


Founded in 1968 by Cliff Cooper, Orange Amps is a cornerstone in the world of guitar valve amplifiers, significantly contributing to the “British” sound that has defined generations of music.


Peavey Electronics Corporation, fondata nel 1965 da Hartley Peavey, è un’azienda americana specializzata nella produzione di apparecchiature audio. Conosciuta per i suoi amplificatori, chitarre e bassi elettrici, Peavey ha iniziato