Aldo Marangoni

I am a passionate devotee of the guitar both as a vintage collector and as a blues guitarist. I was captivated by guitars since childhood, but my first encounter with

Alessandro Buggio

Musician, Drummer, and Synthesist. I have always been passionate about electronics in music. I am a collector of an imprudent amount of vintage musical gear, from electrostatic organs to tape

Cesco’s Corner

Cesco’s Corner Guitars is the place for any vintage guitar enthusiast. They share with their knowledge, history and passion to provide the most valuable “vintage experience” possible. Francesco Balossino created

Consolini Electronics

“The Consolini Custom Shop was founded in April 2007 from Daniele Consolini’s passion for wood and electronics. We make custom-made, state-of-the-art electric guitars and basses, pickups, amplifiers, cabinets and cables.

Filippo Bianchi

Let me introduce myself: my name is Filippo Bianchi and I’m from Cesena. In life, I would have liked to pursue a career as a musician and keep law as

Flamin Guitars – Roberto Cola

Directly from Romagna, with ‘fervor,’ a great connoisseur of sought-after and unusual vintage instruments, as well as the staples of the industry. Music is always a part of his idea

Flavio Camorani

Flavio Camorani and Michela Taioli are the creators of the remarkable Fender Vintage Museum project, Fender Vintage – Prisma Melody. During the Guitar Show, they will present a number of

Guitar Shop Reggio Emilia

“Since 1987, the reference point for the most prestigious brands of guitars, basses and amplifiers has been Guitar Shop. In over 200 square metres, the musical instrument shop satisfies the

Hanness Bassi

Johannes ‘Hannes’ Schwienbacher is a passionate bass collector, with a particular fondness for the original Fender Jazz Basses. His collection, which spans from 1960 to the early years of the

Jimmy Guitar Factory

Stefano Ballardini (aka Jimmy), born in 1969. Since 1994, he has worked in the musical instrument sector, specializing in ‘vintage’ and classical luthiery. In his workshop in Cesena since 2002,