A. Piazzo srl

“Piazzo strumenti is simply the story of my family. My father Antonio Piazzo, with my mother, who also had a passion for music from a young age, started this business


Andbadguitars, it’s not a job it’s a newfound love, a passion that keeps Andrea going even in difficult times like the one we are going through. Andbadguitars, part mad scientist


“Banana Music is a completely Italian e-commerce of musical instruments, accessories and sheet music. The staff is composed of a mix of young musicians, amateurs and industry professionals with over

Bettin Pianoforti e Strumenti Musicali

Bettin Pianoforti is a musical instrument store founded in Padua, Italy in 1925. Its catalog boasts a wide selection of musical instruments of all kinds: from digital pianos to keyboards,

Giro di Do Strumenti Musicali Alassio

Giro di C is located in Alasso and is a new and used musical instrument store specializing in Vintage. COUNTRY Italy BOOTH Pavillon 11A – Booth C15 WEB https://giro-di-do.business.site/

il Laboratorio del Vintage

He produces also Lap Steel guitars, either solid body or semihollowbody or hollowbody and a solid body lap steel 8 strings guitar. COUNTRY Italy BOOTH Pavillon 11A – Booth C16

Liuteria Alvermann

“Liuteria Alvermann thanks to years of experience in buying and selling musical instruments, accessories and music publishing, serving everyone who loves music: from the beginner, to the amateur, to the

Reinzoo Impronte Musicali

Reinzoo is a shop specialising in the sale of musical instruments and equipment. It is located in Vignola, in the province of Modena, and its services can also be accessed

Sergio Tomassone Roma

Sergio Tomassone, born in 1939, is a prominent figure in the Italian historic luthiery sector, renowned for his career spanning from guitar craftsmanship to founding and managing a renowned store

Sergio Tomassone Bologna

Sergio Tomassone, born in 1939, is a prominent figure in the field of historic Italian luthiery, with a career ranging from building guitars to founding and managing a well-known historic