Agostin Custom Guitars

“The experience gained in the last 20 years repairing and modifying guitars has given us a sense of what the musicians really want and need : an extremely dynamic guitar

Aria Guitars

Aria Guitars is in the business of building electric, acoustic, classical and other stringed guitars. This company has been at the forefront of Japanese guitar building for more than 60

Arte Lab Guitars

For nearly 20 years, Arte Lab has been building, repairing and customizing acoustic and electric guitars and basses. COUNTRY Italy BOOTH Pavillon 11B – Booth G5 WEB

Aviator Guitars

“Being different is something we do best. Each guitar is built just for you. No two same guitars have left our workshop. These guitars are more then just a wall

Barn Custom Guitars

What makes Barn Custom Guitars known and appreciated is definitely the originality of the rustic yet elegant finishes. The choice of materials, which is made by salvaging antique fir and

Bellini Guitars

Bellini Guitars is a modern luthiery workshop founded in 1998, specializing in the construction and repair of unique, custom-made acoustic and electric guitars and basses. The company aims to provide

BHI Guitars

“I build guitars and basses completely by hand, starting from the choice of woods to the assembly and setup of the finished instrument. My instruments are custom-made for the customer

Black Mamba Guitars

“Our goal is to build a guitar that perfectly fits your demands. That’s why we don’t have standard models. I take care of all the details that you want to

Blackbeard Guitars

Blackbeard Guitars carries out commissioned constructions that correspond as closely as possible to the stylistic and sonic canons best suited to him, but he much prefers to make and offer


“Blade Guitars are the result of almost 50 years of solving the problems that guitarists like you brought to me. Every piece of technology was developed to meet a specific