Chitarra Didattica

Stefano Rossi, guitar teacher and director of Doopy Music School. He graduated from MMI in 2010 with a grade of 100 cum laude and was recently awarded the MMI Honorary

Esibirsi Soc. Coop.

“Esibirsi is Italy’s No. 1 cooperative in administrative and social security management for entertainment workers. The complete, professional and economical solution to bring Bands, Musicians, Deejays, Performers, Actors, Presenters, Comedians,

“ offers you a large number of comprehensive courses useful for learning to play the guitar or improving. Courses are for beginners, intermediate or advanced and cover both electric and

MMI / Sonora Academy

Sonora Academy/ MMI Padua, located in Padua’s Arcella area, is a high-level music academy and music therapy center. The academy offers music courses for all levels, from basic to advanced

Musictogo is a platform for musicians where they can easily book rehearsal rooms and recording studios with just a few clicks. This innovative system uses geolocation to identify the music


PadovaMusica is the Music Center of the City of Padua, an open space intended for all old and new music lovers. Environments and instrumentation of the highest standard for even

Sanbenedetto Festival

The sixth edition of the San Benedetto Festival will be held from June 16th to 18th, 2023 in San Benedetto del Po’, Mantova. The event offers concerts, performances, jam sessions,

Vibly is the platform that provides the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument from scratch or develop musician skills by collaborating with the best professionals in the Italian

Vince Carpentieri

A guitarist, teacher, and also a blogger with a passion for new technologies and social marketing, Vince Carpentieri began his career in his early twenties after graduating with honors from

What is WikiStrings ?WikiStrings is an innovative, real-time interactive platform dedicated to the meticulous evaluation of guitar strings. We provide users with the ability to test and compare guitar strings