“BassCommunity is the Italian bass community: people and resources dedicated to promoting the instrument and creating a solid reference point for Italian bass players. Through sharing lessons, tutorials, interviews, reviews,

Cancer drugs and Rock and Roll

Cancer Drugs and Rock and Roll is an association born from the initiative of Alex Ruffini, one of the most ” popular” photographers and globally recognized as “the photographer of

Dantone Edizioni e Musica

“Books, sheet music and instructional publications for all instruments and levels of learning. Authors of texts in the catalog include some of the most representative and influential musicians such as

Guitar Club

Born in 1984, Guitar Club was the first Italian magazine to specialize in publishing informative material related to the world of the guitar in all its forms and the bass

The Guitar Channel

The Guitar Channel allows you to (re)discover the guitar in all styles of music through interviews with musicians, luthiers, amp and effects manufacturers, tutorial videos, gear reviews, reports during events

Vince Carpentieri

A guitarist, teacher, and also a blogger with a passion for new technologies and social marketing, Vince Carpentieri began his career in his early twenties after graduating with honors from

Volontè & Co. srl

Volonté&Co. is a company that has been involved in music publishing for years, with the aim of developing up-to-date and innovative music didactics and quality repertoire. Nowadays, Volonté & Co.