Aria Guitars

Aria Guitars is in the business of building electric, acoustic, classical and other stringed guitars. This company has been at the forefront of Japanese guitar building for more than 60

Bellini Guitars

Bellini Guitars is a modern luthiery workshop founded in 1998, specializing in the construction and repair of unique, custom-made acoustic and electric guitars and basses. The company aims to provide

Blackbeard Guitars

Blackbeard Guitars carries out commissioned constructions that correspond as closely as possible to the stylistic and sonic canons best suited to him, but he much prefers to make and offer

BNJ Guitars

“In 2012 Alessandro decided to attend Master Luthier school in Milan, and a year later, finally, BNJ brand was born. Since that day, a lot of things changed, most of

Buscarini Guitars

Buscarini Guitars is an Italian shop specialising in the creation of basses and acoustic, electric and classical guitars. Luciano, the owner, points to his passion for the art of craftsmanship,

Camarota Guitars

All models stand out for their excellent sound performance, their comfort and balance, high sensitivity and playability and their classic aesthetic style. Camarota instruments have been designed and crafted for

Chitarre Lodato

“Lodato Guitars are the result of a passion for music turned into an instrument. I am a musician and a classical guitar teacher; the passion for lutherie was born from


“I decided to sail my own boat, setting up Cortex Bass GmbH, to focus on an outstanding build quality and reliability of the Napoleon model, innovative in its design, full


Darkglass Electronics is a handmade bass guitar equipment company based in Helsinki, Finland. COUNTRY Finland BOOTH Pavillon 11A- Booths from B9 to B14 WEB

Eko Guitars

“Eko’s philosophy is to offer a complete range of guitars, made with standardised, industrial processes that guarantee consistent quality. The company targets the liveliest segment of the market, that of