Padua exhibition area - The Land of VENICE, May 21th-22th 2022

On Saturday the 21th and Sunday the 22th of may 2022, the Guitar Show returns to Padua.

After the incredible edition of 2021, which marked the first restart in Europe for the entire music industry, the organizational machine starts again to propose the fifth edition of Guitar Show in May 2022. Confirmed the new location, even larger and located within the fair district of the city with the best services, parking and logistics of superior level.

Padua remains the most suitable city to take such a definitive qualitative leap. An unmissable event in one of most densely populated urban areas in Italy, at the centre of a music system which in recent years has elevated this territory to the highest levels of activity when it comes to live music, thanks to the staging of events, venues, and festivals, and to the presence of seasoned working musicians.

Fiera di Padova (Padua Trade Fair)


From the 2021 edition, the Guitar Show has moved to the Padua Fair. One of the first exhibition areas in Italy for size and number of shows hosted, it has quadrupled the space available compared to previous editions. More space for exhibitors and the public, more services and optimized logistics.


Logistics, comfort and services are essential characteristics for a quality event. The fair has large parking areas dedicated to exhibitors inside the quarter. Access to the exhibition halls is easy, immediate, and all on the same floor. Padua offers ample parking for visitors, as well as hotels and restaurants near the trade fair quarter. The high-speed train station is just a 5-minute walk away.


Large halls with controlled volume and silent areas dedicated to the world of acoustic guitar. It is possible to access solutions with traditional exhibition stands in addition to the classic proposals that start with a single table.


All the halls have been acoustically treated with 7,000 square metres of carpet and fully clad in 4,000 square metres of sound-absorbing panels and fabrics. Reflections and rumble are reduced to a minimum as is the diffusion of noise between one hall and another which, however, remain open to each other for ease access by visitors.

Everything you need to know to exhibit


Exhibition options

Volume controlled halls with solutions for any need. Exhibition solutions are available with pre-equipped exhibition stands in addition to the classic proposals that start from the single table.

Trying out instruments

The public can try acoustic instruments in all areas, and also amplified, but with certain differences depending on the exhibition hall:

  • PLAY AREA – here we give precedence to the world of amplification and effects, allowing louder volumes although with a few limitations.
  • QUIET AREA – oriented towards stringed instruments, publishers, schools, etc., with particular volume limits.
  • SILENT AREA – dedicated to electric and acoustic guitars and basses, in this area the volume level is strictly controlled.


Standard Booth € 249 + VAT
Download the Standard booth brochure to see examples.

  • 1 table 70×200cm
  • 2 chairs
  • wastebasket
  • electrical outlet within 5 metres from the table
  • registration fee and insurance € 50 + VAT
  • N.B. In these spaces it is possible to exhibit the instruments only above the table. On the ground, within 40cm from the table, it is possible to place an amplificator.

Plus Booth (8 m2) € 349 + VAT 
Download the Plus booth brochure to see examples.

  • 1 table 70×200cm
  • 2 chairs
  • wastebasket
  • electrical outlet within 5 metres from the table
  • reserved area of 4 metres in front, and 2 metres deep (8 m2)
  • registration fee and insurance € 50 + VAT

Custom area € 49 + VAT / m
Download the Custom Area brochure to see examples.

  • available in 4×4 or personalized sizes
  • set-up with exhibitor’s own structures or customized on request
  • registration fee and insurance €50 + VAT


4 × 4 (16 m2) or multiple, pre-fitted stand € 1,299 + VAT
Download the Pre-fitted brochure to see examples.

  • complete stand with back / side walls depending on position
  • lit by spotlights
  • front panel with company name
  • 1 table 70×140cm
  • 2 chairs
  • individual power strip / multi-plug adapter
  • registration fee and insurance €50 + VAT



  • Artisans, producers and general exhibitors: Each exhibition space, regardless of surface area, is listed in the catalog with only the name of the exhibitor and/or trademarks owned by the company that owns the exhibition space and as indicated in the “data for the public” section of the application form. Any additional trademarks may be included in the catalog at a cost of €249 + VAT.
  • Stores: In addition to their own name, they may enter a maximum of 2 brands for every 16 square meters of exhibition space. Any additional brands can be registered at a cost of €249 + VAT.
  • Distributors of musical instruments: a maximum of 4 trademarks for every 16 square meters of exhibition space may be included in the catalog. Any additional brands can be registered at a cost of €249 + VAT.

To book a space, please write to, or phone +39 380 307 3375.

Useful info

Setting Up

Friday, May 20th, 2022 from 10.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m.

Saturday, May 21th 2022 from 7.00 a.m. to 10.00 a.m.

Opening to the public

May,  Saturday 21th and Sunday 22th 2022

from 10.00 a.m.  to 7.00 p.m.


May, Sunday 22th 2022

from 7.00 11.00 p.m.

July, Monday 23th 2022

from 08.00 a.m.  to 14.00 a.m.

Shipments by courier

The logistics is managed by LOGES Srl

It provides for the storage of incoming material, its custody until the day of set-up, delivery and collection from the exhibitor’s booth.

Email reference for service booking:
Contact Mr. Marangon Carlo
Phone +39-348-999-53-83

Where to send the material:
Corso Stati Uniti 18
35127 PADUA, Italy

Warehouse opening hours:
Morning from 9,00 to 12,00
Afternoon from 14,00 to 17,30

For those wishing to demonstrate their products


Guitar Show has stages for product demos provided with drum kit and amplifiers for guitar and bass.

Demos last 20 minutes eachwith a maximum of one per exhibitor (until all the slots are takento which should be added 510 minutes for setting up and 510 for clearing the stageBoth stages come complete with PAlightsmicrophonesstandscablessound engineer and backliners.

All the exhibitors who have sent an entry form with evidence of payment may ask to use them until all the slots have been takenTo make a requestonce registration has been completed and the full fee for the stand has been paidit is sufficient to send a mail to eventi@guitarshow.itWe will answer you asap confirming that your request has been received.

IMPORTANTdemos should not be requested in the margin of emails regarding various questionsbut only by sending a specific mail to with an optional indication of a preferred time (we will do the best we can)the type of event proposed and who will be playing on stageOnly requests relating to stands that have been paid for in full and whose paperwork is in order will be taken into consideration.

Adverts and visibility in the event catalogue


We will create a catalogue for the event with articlesmapsand a list of exhibitorsIt will be in a pocketsized AformatInterested exhibitors can reserve different types of space to give visibility to their brands and productsHere is the list:

  • ½ page € 35.00 VAT
  • page € 70.00 VAT
  • pages € 120.00 VAT
  • Inside cover € 200.00 VAT
  • Back cover € 300.00 VAT

All the details on how to produce the content to be sent are in the draft index of the cataloguedownloadable by clicking HERE.

To speak with us


Luca Friso

phone +39 380 307 33 75