From lutherie to amplification, effects, accessories, used up to the rarest and most exciting vintage. Rich in prestigious brands, fine luthiers and builders of boutique wonders, at the Padua Exhibition Centre the Guitar Show will present one of the largest and most complete exhibitions of instruments in Europe.

A rich event!

Hundreds of brands from all over the world. One of the largest and most representative exhibitions in southern Europe dedicated to guitar, bass and the endless and magical world of amplification and effects.

Try, touch and take home!

At Guitar Show you’ll find an endless sea of new and used products. You can try everything, ask for information, touch, smell and choose to take home a new gem for your collection or for your setup as a musician. If you want, you can bring your own instrument, to try a pedal, an amp or to look for someone interested in buying or trading it.

Meet the professionals

In addition to the exhibited instruments, there are extraordinary professionals. Craftsmen, luthiers, modders, builders, retailers. The best experts of Guitar and Bass products are at Guitar Show. You will have the opportunity to meet the builders, appreciate the quality choices in creating unique items directly from those who produce them. And why not, even start designing your own custom instrument!


Manufacturing of customized multi-voice in-ear monitors COUNTRY Italy BOOTH Pavillon 11C – Booth J3 WEB

A. Piazzo srl

“Piazzo strumenti is simply the story of my family. My father Antonio Piazzo, with my mother, who also had a passion for music from a young age, started this business


Acus is an Italian company specialising in the conception, design and production of amplification systems for acoustic instruments. The company is located in Recanati, Italy, and builds on a long

Agate Picks

Guitar Pick Agate is an Italian company specialized in the production of guitar picks made from precious Agate gemstones. Their passion for music and attention to detail have led to

Agostin Custom Guitars

“The experience gained in the last 20 years repairing and modifying guitars has given us a sense of what the musicians really want and need : an extremely dynamic guitar

Alberto Venturini

Alberto Venturini is a passionate collector of vintage musical instruments, with a focus on iconic brands such as Fender, Gretsch, Gibson, Rickenbacker, Meazzi, Mogar, Vox, Eko, Hofner and Epiphone. COUNTRY


Ampeg is a U.S.-based manufacturer of amplifiers for musical instruments. Although the company specializes mainly in the production of electric bass amplifiers, a portion of its production is reserved for


“Andbadguitars, it’s not a job it’s a newfound love, a passion that keeps Andrea going even in difficult times like the one we are going through. Andbadguitars, part mad scientist


“Andbadguitars, it’s not a job it’s a newfound love, a passion that keeps Andrea going even in difficult times like the one we are going through. Andbadguitars, part mad scientist

Antonio Furini

“We are passionate about vintage guitars and amplifiers. We want to bring newcomers closer to this world and help them buy and sell their instrument using online channels and friends


Aramini Strumenti Musicali Srl has been operating, for more than 40 years, in the import and distribution of musical instruments in Italy. Thanks to the prestige of the brands distributed

Aria Guitars

Aria Guitars is in the business of building electric, acoustic, classical and other stringed guitars. This company has been at the forefront of Japanese guitar building for more than 60

Arte Lab Guitars

For nearly 20 years, Arte Lab has been building, repairing and customizing acoustic and electric guitars and basses. COUNTRY Italy BOOTH Pavillon 11B – Booth G5 WEB


“Founded in Grenoble, France in 1999, Arturia is currently one of the world’s leading brands in music software and hardware. Arturia was founded with a clear vision in mind, the

Atom Amplifiers

Specializing in building tube amplifiers, Atom Amps also does repair, customization and modifications on amplifiers and electronics. COUNTRY Italy BOOTH Pavillon 11A – Booth B20 WEB


Vincenzo Atzori is a skilled guitar craftsman who masterfully recreates the instruments of the Golden Age. Using techniques, materials and knowledge that made that era unique, Atzori makes not only

Audio Design

After more than 30 years devoted mainly to the car audio market, in 2010, Audiodesign, building on its extensive experience in electroacoustic design, expanded its reach by entering the professional

Aviator Guitars

“Being different is something we do best. Each guitar is built just for you. No two same guitars have left our workshop. These guitars are more then just a wall


“Banana Music is a completely Italian e-commerce of musical instruments, accessories and sheet music. The staff is composed of a mix of young musicians, amateurs and industry professionals with over

Barn Custom Guitars

What makes Barn Custom Guitars known and appreciated is definitely the originality of the rustic yet elegant finishes. The choice of materials, which is made by salvaging antique fir and

“BassCommunity is the Italian bass community: people and resources dedicated to promoting the instrument and creating a solid reference point for Italian bass players. Through sharing lessons, tutorials, interviews, reviews,

“Our pickguards are handcrafted and therefore completely customizable in shape, configuration, material, coloring and all those elements that can make a pickguard unique. An indispensable aspect of each of our


“We are a family business founded by a guitar player, a drummer, a journalist, an architect and a dog. Our pedals are handmade in California. Every pedal we make is

Bellini Guitars

Bellini Guitars is a modern luthiery workshop founded in 1998, specializing in the construction and repair of unique, custom-made acoustic and electric guitars and basses. The company aims to provide


Bespeco is an Italian company engaged in the production of equipment for musical instruments, including stands, cables, connectors. The strengths of this brand are the passion and curiosity that characterize

Bettin Pianoforti

Bettin Pianoforti is a musical instrument store founded in Padua, Italy in 1925. Its catalog boasts a wide selection of musical instruments of all kinds: from digital pianos to keyboards,

BHI Guitars

“I build guitars and basses completely by hand, starting from the choice of woods to the assembly and setup of the finished instrument. My instruments are custom-made for the customer

Black Kat Devices

“The brand’s main goal is to make innovative and unmistakable sounds. For this reason, every design is meticulously tested and verified before going into production, which is done completely by

Black Mamba Guitars

“Our goal is to build a guitar that perfectly fits your demands. That’s why we don’t have standard models. I take care of all the details that you want to

Blackbeard Guitars

Blackbeard Guitars carries out commissioned constructions that correspond as closely as possible to the stylistic and sonic canons best suited to him, but he much prefers to make and offer


“At Blackstar, we are all musicians and understand the importance of great tone, whether practicing at home or on stage in a live environment. All of our products are designed


“Blade Guitars are the result of almost 50 years of solving the problems that guitarists like you brought to me. Every piece of technology was developed to meet a specific

BNJ Guitars

“In 2012 Alessandro decided to attend Master Luthier school in Milan, and a year later, finally, BNJ brand was born. Since that day, a lot of things changed, most of

Box Guitar is an online store specializing in selling guitar and electric bass products. Based in Turin, Italy, it offers a wide selection of high-quality products from the best brands in

Box Insonorizzato

“Box Insonorizzato is a brand of Rock Star Design, a team that works synergistically on the development and implementation of innovative projects, sharing a passion for acoustics and design. The


“Boxvox is an amplifier that transports your guitar, made like musical instruments, i.e. in harmonic wood, with 2 12-inch audio speakers positioned on the two sides of the case, professional


“After graduating as a radio technician in 1987, I began modifying musical instrument electronics and, for the past few years, created my own line of handcrafted guitar effects. The BurnFX

Buscarini Guitars

Buscarini Guitars is an Italian shop specialising in the creation of basses and acoustic, electric and classical guitars. Luciano, the owner, points to his passion for the art of craftsmanship,

Camarota Guitars

All models stand out for their excellent sound performance, their comfort and balance, high sensitivity and playability and their classic aesthetic style. Camarota instruments have been designed and crafted for

Cancer drugs and Rock and Roll

Cancer Drugs and Rock and Roll is an association born from the initiative of Alex Ruffini, one of the most ” popular” photographers and globally recognized as “the photographer of

Ceccarini Guitars

“The use of 3d cad modeling and 5-axis machining does not detract from the craftsmanship of my guitars. The skillful choice of wood makes each piece unique, with the utmost

Celentano Pickups

“In the multiple parts employed in the tone build of a pickup, the magnets, their composition, and magnetic and chemical properties, make up the real core of the guitar tone,

Chitarra Didattica

Stefano Rossi, guitar teacher and director of Doopy Music School. He graduated from MMI in 2010 with a grade of 100 cum laude and was recently awarded the MMI Honorary

Chitarre Lodato

“Lodato Guitars are the result of a passion for music turned into an instrument. I am a musician and a classical guitar teacher; the passion for lutherie was born from

Comix USB

“COMIX USB is a website specialised in USB computer ports. COMIX-USB is constantly looking for innovative products in this field. It is particularly active on USB keys but also hubs,

Compound Records

Compound Records is a recording studio that was born from the idea of creating an environment with a more open vision in the industry. It deals with audio design for


“I decided to sail my own boat, setting up Cortex Bass GmbH, to focus on an outstanding build quality and reliability of the Napoleon model, innovative in its design, full


Top end italian pedals, amplifiers, cables, power supplies, controllers and pedalboards. Strymon, Suhr, hughes & kettner & many others brands official service center. COUNTRY Italy BOOTH Pavillon 11A – Booth

Cotton Musical Supply

Cotton Musical Supply has been in the business of selling high-quality musical instruments and accessories to specialty music retailers since 1994. COUNTRY Germany BOOTH Pavillon 5- Booth B5 WEB

Crazy Tube Circuits

Crazy Tube Circuits is a Greek brand known for building and manufacturing high-quality guitar pedals. COUNTRY Greece BOOTH Pavillon 11A – Booth C7 WEB

Cristofer Graffieti

“Starting from the Italian guitars of the 1960s, passing through the American guitars of the 1970s to the most recent days, our guitars are part of a private collection built


Crosspick is an Italian brand that produces picks entirely Made in Italy. Their products are distinguished by their unique design: cross-shaped picks designed to fit perfectly and easily between guitar

Dan’s Custom Cases

Dan’s Custom Cases is an Italian company specialized in designing and manufacturing custom cases to protect instruments and electronic devices. This company stands out for using high-quality materials to ensure

Daniele Consolini

“The Consolini Custom Shop was founded in April 2007 from Daniele Consolini’s passion for wood and electronics. We make custom-made, state-of-the-art electric guitars and basses, pickups, amplifiers, cabinets and cables.

Dantone Edizioni e Musica

“Books, sheet music and instructional publications for all instruments and levels of learning. Authors of texts in the catalog include some of the most representative and influential musicians such as


Darkglass Electronics is a handmade bass guitar equipment company based in Helsinki, Finland. COUNTRY Finland BOOTH Pavillon 11A- Booths from B9 to B14 WEB

DEA Guitars

DEA Guitars is a French lutherie store specializing in classical and acoustic guitars. Their products are distinguished by their attention to detail, as well as their ergonomics that respond to

Diavarelli Chitarre Elettriche

“I am a handcrafted electric guitar maker, some of my friends call me a compulsive guitar maker. Every model I make is different because it’s the result of the inspiration

Dogal Strings

Since 1950 Dogal has been producing and marketing strings for musical instruments, handmade by skilled craftsmen from the highest quality materials at its workshops in Venice. Strings born in the


“DOPHIX® has been on the market since 2015, with a HAND MADE line of guitar effects. The brand has grown over the years, eventually landing at major trade shows in

Dreamaker Amps

Since 2008 Marco Ferrari imagines, designs and builds amplifiers that combine refined minimalism and pure sound. Mastery, precision and an entirely handcrafted manufacturing process give life to prestigious instruments, unique

Eko Guitars

“Eko’s philosophy is to offer a complete range of guitars, made with standardised, industrial processes that guarantee consistent quality. The company targets the liveliest segment of the market, that of


“Esibirsi is Italy’s No. 1 cooperative in administrative and social security management for entertainment workers. The complete, professional and economical solution to bring Bands, Musicians, Deejays, Performers, Actors, Presenters, Comedians,


LTD was founded in 1996 when the ESP brand decided to follow market demands by creating a synergy with Indonesian Korean and Chinese factories. Thanks to this collaboration, the brand


Essetipicks is an Italian company that deals in the production of handcrafted picks. Stefano Tommasi, about his business, explains that “the idea was born from the need to propose a


Historically known for Steve Vai’s use of them at the turn of the 1980s and 1990s, the brand certainly needs no further introduction. The catalog ranges from the emblazoned studio

Face Distribution

“FACE is a full-service provider for the AV Industry. We supply a wide range of solutions and services throughout Europe and beyond from our headquarters in Boom, Belgium. FACE operates

Fattoria Mendoza

“The story of Fattoria Mendoza® is an all-Italian story. It is a musical story, a complete tale based on a simple idea: to design processors that stimulate and enhance the


Founded in 1960, Fujigen has built guitars and basses for many of the most famous brands in history, contributing greatly through its quality to the success of those products. Working

Filbo srl

“We have been experts in wood seasoning and precious woods since 1900. Nobody knows wood like we do. We are innovators of new techniques and designs. We are craftsmen at

Flavio Camorani

Flavio Camorani and Michela Taioli are the creators of the remarkable Fender Vintage Museum project, Fender Vintage – Prisma Melody. During the Guitar Show, they will present a number of


Foxgear Group was born in 2017 from the union of the prestigious Italian brands Gurus and Baroni. Today it offers three brands of stompbox pedals and amplifiers: -Foxgear: From analog

Fractal Audio System

Fractal Audio Systems produces the legendary Axe-Fx line of guitar processors with industry leading amp modeling and multieffects capability, plus floor units like the FM9, FM3, FC-12, FC-6, and more.

Frenexport Spa

Frenexport is a company that operates in the music industry and deals with the production and distribution of musical instruments, professional audio equipment, DJ and lighting products. Its management is

The Fractal Audio Systems family of processors includes three different industry-leading products, each based on the same amplifier modeling, speaker simulation, effects, and flexible control options. Specifically, the models are:

Galli Strings

Galli Strings is an Italian company that has been manufacturing strings and accessories for guitar, bass, and other instruments for more than a hundred years. The strengths of this company


“I am an amateur luthier based in Luxembourg. I have been building acoustic guitars and other instruments for over 10 years after completing a course at the Totnes School of

Gaudenzi Guitars

Custom Guitars with an innovative design and respect for tradition. Gaudenzi builds handmade acoustic and electric instruments for musicians. COUNTRY Italy BOOTH Pavillon 11C – Booth L12 WEB


“Since 1978, 39 years of history have established this brand internationally as the absolute standard for professional monitoring. The Finnish company’s listening systems can be found in many of the


“Selected materials and technology, state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and guaranteed knowledge transfer across generations are a tradition at GEWA music – We have been designing music since 1925.” COUNTRY Germany BOOTH

Giro di Do Alassio

Giro di C is located in Alasso and is a new and used musical instrument store specializing in Vintage. COUNTRY Italy BOOTH Pavillon 11A – Booth C15 WEB

Giungi Guitars

“Giungi Guitars is the brand of guitars and basses, fully handmade in Ancona, Italy, 100% customizable and that translates innovation, anti-conformity and superior quality into one single sample product, crafted

GR Bass

GR Bass is an innovative and dynamic company that has been working for years in the music amplification sector. COUNTRY Italy BOOTH Pavillon 11B – Booth F11-F12-F13-F15 WEB

GR Guitar

“GR Guitar is a new innovative and dynamic brand created by GR thanks to years of experience in the music amplification sector.” COUNTRY Italy BOOTH Pavillon 11B – Booth F11-F12-F13-F14

Guitar Club

Born in 1984, Guitar Club was the first Italian magazine to specialize in publishing informative material related to the world of the guitar in all its forms and the bass


“Since 1987, the reference point for the most prestigious brands of guitars, basses and amplifiers has been Guitar Shop. In over 200 square metres, the musical instrument shop satisfies the

IBox Musical

For 30 years in the market, IBOX is a company focused on effectiveness and excellence in service and quality in the field of stands and accessories for musical instruments. COUNTRY


Hagstrom is a Swedish guitar and bass manufacturer with a long history in the music industry. “Hagstrom’s unmistakable headstock is iconic. Hagstrom guitars are also known for their playing comfort


Johannes ‘Hannes’ Schwienbacher is a passionate bass collector, with a particular fondness for the original Fender Jazz Basses. His collection, which spans from 1960 to the early years of the


Hoshino Europe is the official distributor for Ibanez & Tama in the Benelux and France. COUNTRY Japan BOOTH Pavillon 11B – Booths F7-F8 WEB

HRG Guitar

His production begins from the Weissenborn guitars with a wide building experience, through guitar models such as the Teardrop Weissenborn, to the Kona, the Baritone and the Tenor Weissenborn. COUNTRY


Ibanez is a brand under which the Japanese company Hoshino manufactures guitars and basses, both electric and acoustic. It also produces amplifiers, effects and other electronic devices for guitars and

IBox Damper

For 30 years in the market, IBOX is a company focused on effectiveness and excellence in service and quality in the field of stands and accessories for musical instruments. COUNTRY

IK Multimedia

An all-Italian pride, IK was born in 1996 when Enrico Iori and Davide Barbi started their business in a small office in the center of Modena. After more than 20

il Laboratorio del Vintage

He produces also Lap Steel guitars, either solid body or semihollowbody or hollowbody and a solid body lap steel 8 strings guitar. COUNTRY Italy BOOTH Pavillon 11A – Booth C16

J. Rockett Audio Design

“Hand built in the United States J Rockett Audio Design guitar effetcs cover every aspect of shaping your tone from overdrives and distortions to delays, modulation, fuzzes and even buffers.

Jensen Loudspeakers

Sonora Distribution is the exclusive distributor for Italy of Sica professional loudspeakers and Jensen guitar speakers. COUNTRY Italy BOOTH Pavillon 11A- Booth B19 WEB

Jimmy Guitars Factory

“Since 1994 they have been working in the musical instrument sector, specialising in ‘vintage’ and classical violin making. In the Cesena workshop, the idea of the ‘factory’ was subsequently born,

Jura Tonewood

“Located in the heart of the Jura, we offer wood cutting for the manufacture of guitars. Our pieces come from the best selection of logs within a 100km radius of


“K-TAR is a product with an artisanal soul, perfected by the innovative technological input of a curious and close-knit team. All our instruments are made entirely in Italy, in the


“It takes 35 people to make just one Kyser capo, and we hand-craft each of them in a multi-step process from the best American-made materials available, and only on the

Lag Guitars

Lag Guitars is a French manufacturer of acoustic and electric guitars. The company was founded in 1981 by Michel Lâg-Chavarria and is known for its craftsmanship and build quality. COUNTRY

Lamina Guitars

Lamina Guitars is a lutherie workshop producing innovative guitars and basses. A resonator structure based on metal sheets within a hollow body, wood coexists with aluminum in the inspiring Lamina


“Designed and Engineered for musicians, by musicians. We are a proud family business dedicated to supporting players like you with the equipment to perform at your very best. Whether you’re


“Each Laurus bass is entirely handmade, following and reflecting the fundamental rules of the traditional Italian art of string instrument making and modelling. The Laurus workshop was established in 1982

Leswar Guitars

Leswar Guitars is a Polish shop specialising in building entirely handmade guitars and basses. Passion for his work and attention to every detail are the main characteristics of this luthier.

“ offers you a large number of comprehensive courses useful for learning to play the guitar or improving. Courses are for beginners, intermediate or advanced and cover both electric and

Licheri Guitars

“Licheri guitars is a modern guitar making company located in the city of Cagliari. It deals with the construction of guitars and electric basses with decades of experience. 3D design,

Line 6

Line 6 is a manufacturer of ‘modeling’ guitar amplifiers and related electronic accessories. Their products include electric and acoustic guitars, electric basses, amplifiers, effects, USB audio interfaces, and wireless guitar

Liuteria Alvermann

“Liuteria Alvermann thanks to years of experience in buying and selling musical instruments, accessories and music publishing, serving everyone who loves music: from the beginner, to the amateur, to the

Liuteria Larp

LARP is an artisan lutherie located in Noale, Italy. Riccardo Poggi has been involved in guitar building and repair for many years. COUNTRY Italy BOOTH Pavillon 11C- Booth L14 WEB

Liuteria Marcellan

“For more than 10 years in Padua, Italy, I have been taking care of each of my clients’ instruments with the utmost professionalism and making classical guitars to the highest

Liuteria Scuffi

Liuteria Scuffi is engaged in building, repairing, and servicing electric guitars and basses. COUNTRY Italy BOOTH Pavillon 5- Booth C19 WEB

LM Products Straps

“LM Products is a third-generation, family-owned, American maker of leather goods for musical instruments. We make straps and accessories for guitar, bass, banjo, mandolin, accordion, band instruments, percussion, and more.”

Lounsberry Pedals

“The Lounsberry Guitar Pedals are custom boutique old school pedals designed by Greg Lounsberry.” COUNTRY USA BOOTH Pavillon 11A – Booth B15-B16 WEB

Luca Orati Bass & Double Bass

“I was born in Florence in July 1965 and have always had, since childhood, a passion for music and musical instruments. I have had the good fortune to ‘handle’ numerous

Lucenò Guitars

“The study of past luthery and the use of modern working methods and materials come together to produce guitars that are innovative, yet tied to the basics of tradition. A

Luciano Venturini

Luciano Venturini is a craftsman who makes Cigar Boxes made exclusively by hand one by one. Quality materials, Made in Italy and durability are definitely the strengths of his products.

M.O.V. Guitars

MOV Guitars is a modern handcrafted guitar workshop that was born from a passion for instruments and music. In the M.O.V.Guitars workshop, all kinds of repair, modification and restoration services

Mad Professor Pedals

“Mad Professor Amplification Ltd has a long history of making pedals and amplifiers. Our first products were made in 2002 but the story began years before that.
 Mad Professor Amplification

Made in Rock

“Made in Rock APS” is an Association of Social Promotion recognised and registered with RUNTS n°7397 (Single National Register of the Third Sector). Its mission is the valorisation, promotion and


“Whatever our personal or professional sphere, music has been and is part of us. With this in mind, Magrabò creates everyday objects by reinterpreting them in a musical key. Keyrings-Keepers,

Manne Guitars

“We have been building guitars and electric basses since 1987. MANNE instruments are the natural result of our craftsmanship: the essence of playability, sonority, precision. All MANNE bodies and necks

Maple Handmade

“Our motto is: From passion to music, through hands and technolgy. Love of music, passion for guitars, attention to details, a long experience in 2D and 3D CAD design and


“A guitar of mine is not a product. It is the synthesis between the idea of a shape and that of a sound, a synthesis that is often unexpressed in

Marconi Lab

“GUITAR BUILDER: MarconiLABTM founded in 2002 by Davide Torriani & Guido Brancalion. From the foundation to today, the mission has always been to design and build Custom instruments, satisfying the

Mark Bass

“This brand has become the milestone in bass amplification, thanks to our founder in his team and all the artists. Markbass is well known all over the world.” COUNTRY Italy

Maruszczyk Instruments

“For 40 years and counting, I’ve been putting my heart into music and everything related with it. I’ve had the opportunity to use a variety of different instruments, amps and

Maxmonte Guitars

“Having an instrument built is a journey filled with expectations, longing and excitement. And I strive to create the best instrument for the player, so that it can be a

Mayones Guitars & Basses

“Designs, quality and playability of Mayones guitars and basses are the result of the perfect blend of 40 years of tradition, modern technology and craftsmanship we use and affection at

Mazzucco Custom Guitars

Mazzucco Custom Guitars is involved in making CUSTOM guitars, starting with the body neck and all components, such as bridges, pickguards and pickups. Everything is strictly handmade MADE IN VENICE.


“MCSOUND Lab is located in Italy, in a small town on the coast of Marche. Made up of all musicians, we fully understand the importance of great sound, whether practicing

Melacanto Melasuono

“I am the Italian distributor of Mayones basses and guitars, I am in charge of the sales throughout Europe of Sivcak, Maruszczyk and Mensinger basses, and thanks to my work

Michael Kelly

Michael Kelly was founded in 1999 by a team based in Florida, which aimed to cover a niche market by producing affordable but Boutique-looking mandolins and acoustic basses. Quickly gaining


“MidiWare srl is the Italian distributor of several brands and products in the fields of professional audio and music production. MidiWare first gained a strong presence in the Computer Music

Miguel di Carlo Basses

Miguel di Carlo basses are handcrafted in Europe with extremely select woods and top-notch Hardware, Pickups and electronics. COUNTRY Italy BOOTH Pavillon 11B – Booth F3 WEB

MiniSteve acousticwood pick-up

All miniSteve pickups are built and assembled one by one with use of cnc and laser machines, handmade windings and neodymium magnets. Polar expansions are 5 mm in diameter and

Mirel Bass

Mirel is an experienced luthier in the Ivrea area who is dedicated to the repair of electric luthiery, particularly basses and guitars. His work is distinguished by precision and accuracy,

Modern Vintage Guitars

“Vecchia scuola! Aggiornamenti moderni! Gli strumenti Modern Vintage richiamano progetti di chitarre e bassi ormai classici, con l’aggiunta di miglioramenti e aggiornamenti che non alterano le formule che hanno creato

Mogar Music

Founded in 1987 in Milan, Italy, Mogar Music is now part of the business alliance between Zoom Corporation of Japan, Sound Service from Germany, and the Monzino family. With over

Mojentale Custom Guitars

“Mojentale Custom Guitars has been the home of stringed instruments since 1992. Enrico’s hands-on experience has led to the creation and development of unique electric instruments with strong aesthetic and

Mooer and GTRS

“We collaborated with expert instrument designer Kenji Wong to develop the GTRS line, MOOER’s first fully integrated electric guitar effects system. With GTRS, our mission is to bring musicians the


Morley Pedals is the name of a guitar effects pedal company, famous for manufacturing wah-wah pedals and other treadle type effects for guitar. Morley pedals use electro-optical circuitry rather than

MPE Audio

“For over 30 years we have been designing, developing and assembling audio systems, loudspeakers and subwoofers of the highest quality. In addition to this, we have also always devoted attention

Music Secrets

“The Music Secrets cultural association of Paolo Anessi and Simona Grasso offers different study proposals: from the amateur course open to anyone who wants to approach the guitar or for


“With Donato Brienza and Max Pontrelli, thanks to MUSICEDU, a marvellous collection, consisting mainly of Fender and Gibson instruments built from the 1950s to the present day, will be made


“NUX made the industry debut in 2006. Whether a professional singer-songwriter, hobbyist, weekend warrior, or the next star, NUX has a wide range of analog and digital products to satisfy

Ooneek Studio

“The OONEEK reality seeks to offer all the necessary services to those who have welcomed music into their lives. A team of professionals able to produce, record, teach or simply

Oroboro Guitars

“Oroboro Guitars is an Italian start-up created to reimagining celluloid application suitable for a modern concept in musical instruments. By musicians for musicians. Oroboro Guitars makes and designs electric string

Ovation Guitars

“Even after more than 50 years, Ovation guitars are still one of the most advanced, forward-thinking and unique designs in the acoustic guitar market. In fact, unlike other acoustic guitars

Padabox Audio

“Many years ago, I began to dream of producing my own pedals to create something that would respond perfectly to the ideas I had. For Padabox, I listened to my


PadovaMusica is the Music Center of the City of Padua, an open space intended for all old and new music lovers. Environments and instrumentation of the highest standard for even

Panucci Custom Guitars

“My aim is to build guitars that inspire musicians. Nothing is more fulfilling than when a guitar player has found a match with one of my guitars that makes him

Pedal Room Italy

Pedal Room Italy is an Italian store that is specialized in making professional equipment and accessories for musicians. All materials used in the construction of the products are of high


“Pedaltrain is a boutique independent musical instrument accessory manufacturer based in Nashville. Pedaltrain stands by our products with an uncompromising commitment to quality and customer service. Our pedal boards carry

Pinto Guitars

Pinto Guitars is an Italian store specializing in making electric guitars. Attention to detail and quality materials are the strengths that distinguish this brand. COUNTRY Italy BOOTH Pavillon 5- Booth

PKV Pickups

“PKV pickups is a young company dedicated, out of deep and convinced passion, to making and marketing transducers for electric guitars and basses. It is made through the most classic


Plektro is a small craft shop that makes picks using carbon fibre, known for its excellent mechanical strength. COUNTRY Italy BOOTH Pavillon 1C- Booth L2 WEB

Plick The Pick

As the company itself states, Plick the pick is the innovation that will help improve your sound. Three different profiles: Drop, Blade and Heart. Different thicknesses and shapes can be

QP Slide

“QP Slide was born out of a desire to rework the concept of the guitar bottleneck, focusing not only on its functionality, but above all on its personality, elevating it

Rambaldi Amplificatori

“Built entirely by hand, Rambaldi amplifiers were born in the Starlogic workshop in Idice (Bologna). Here Massimo Rambaldi, the founder, sought out those warm and enveloping sounds that characterise the

Red Sound G66 Edition

Red Sound G66 Edition is responsible for the production of two new cabinets developed in collaboration with Marco Fanton, the ELIS 8 and MF. 10. These tiny cabinets are a

Music Edu

“With Donato Brienza and Max Pontrelli, thanks to MUSICEDU, a marvellous collection, consisting mainly of Fender and Gibson instruments built from the 1950s to the present day, will be made

Reference Cable srl

“Established in Osimo (Italy) in 1989 REFERENCE CABLE S.R.L. is one of the leading AV cable manufacturing companies in Europe and beyond, primarily known for its solid reputation in producing


Reinzoo is a shop specialising in the sale of musical instruments and equipment. It is located in Vignola, in the province of Modena, and its services can also be accessed

Rigotti Cables

Rigotti Cables is a small company located in Ancona that produces handmade cables for musical instruments. Their products are handmade, one by one, and are synonymous with quality and made

Rivolta snc

“Our family has been working with wood for four generations and we have dedicated all our experience to the world of violin making for over fifty years. We specialise in

Roberto Cola

Roberto Cola is a passionate collector of vintage guitars and a super connoisseur of the sector. With an encyclopaedic knowledge of the peculiarities of the most famous brands, both Italian

Rock and Vintage

Rock n’Vintage is an online project born from an idea of Mariano Freschi and developed together with his partners Roberto Gandolfi, Simone Falavigna and Stefano Prinzivalli. With a passion for

Rozawood Guitars

The ROZAWOOD workshop is the vision of luthier Roman Zajicek, who is considered to be among top guitar makers worldwide. Roman built his first instrument in 1979. His knowledge of

Rufini Fine Instruments

“I’m Matteo Rufini an Italian born luthier; I’ve been perfecting my craft since the year 1999. In 2007 I opened my own workshop where I mainly build violins, violas, acoustic

Rumore Legno

The origins of Rumore Legno are rooted in the history of the Pozzoli family. Our aim is to create unique creations, hence the desire to focus our customers’ attention on

Sail Guitars

“Over the years I perfectioned my construction technique making instruments of higher quality and performance, focusing on aesthetic details, finish and decorations which I personally design to make every guitar

Saint Louis College of Music

“Since 1976, Saint Louis has been among the most renowned music education institutions of excellence in Europe, with more than 1,800 students each year from every country. It boasts a

Sanbenedetto Festival

The sixth edition of the San Benedetto Festival will be held from June 16th to 18th, 2023 in San Benedetto del Po’, Mantova. The event offers concerts, performances, jam sessions,

Sangirardi e Cavicchi

“We personally season the woods we use on our guitars and purchase them from suppliers around the world, particularly Canada, the U.S., Italy and South Africa. Every step in the

sE Electronics

“sE is a family-owned business, and we take pride in every product that leaves our factory. In just over 20 years of designing and building microphones, we have established ourselves

Shiver Guitar

“Precisely because sound is the goal (and it is generated, as we know, largely from wood), Shiver guitars are the result of a careful study and combination of the woods

Simpson Semielectric Basses

Simpson Bass is engaged in the handcrafted construction of electric and semi-electric basses. The strength of this brand is undoubtedly the use of HHC (Human Hand Control) technology, which represents

Singular Sound

“Singular Sound was formed with the desire to solve a common problem: it’s really, really hard to find drummers. That goal sparked a journey of engineering, testing and development to


“Experience the joy of music with Sire. We envision all generations of players to experience the joy of music through our instruments. We partnered with Marcus Miller and Larry Carlton,

Sonora Academy

Sonora Academy/ MMI Padua, located in Padua’s Arcella area, is a high-level music academy and music therapy center. The academy offers music courses for all levels, from basic to advanced

Soundsation Music

“At Soundsation, we believe that everyone should experience the joy of making music. That’s why we offer easy-to-use, highly reliable musical products that are accessible to musicians and everyone around

Stefy Line

“With a rare and successful production formula of ‘high industrial craftsmanship’, the Stefy Line brand thinks, designs, develops and manufactures each of its straps and case. A soul that combines

Stone Guitars

The F.lli Gottoli company has a history rooted in time and in the Valpolicella area, a history that has left an indelible mark in many parts of the world. This

SUV pedals

SUV Pedals is a German brand of guitar pedals created by CMS Music, a distributor specializing in the sale of high-quality musical instruments and accessories to music retailers since 1994.

T&B Amplification

COUNTRY Italy BOOTH Pavillon 11A- Booth D12 WEB


Tanglewood was born in England in the late 20th century. The idea is to produce affordable instruments with uncompromising quality and playability. Currently distributed in over 60 countries, Tanglewood has

The Guitar Channel

The Guitar Channel allows you to (re)discover the guitar in all styles of music through interviews with musicians, luthiers, amp and effects manufacturers, tutorial videos, gear reviews, reports during events

TiefTöner Guitar & Bass Cabinets

“TiefTöner is a German company specialising in the production of bass and guitar cabinets. In addition to the reproduction qualities, practicality was at the top of the list of requirements

TKL Europa

TKL® Products Corp is the leading supplier of hard and soft cases to the world’s music makers, retailers, distributors and manufacturers. From guitars, keyboards and drums, to strings, winds and


“For forty years we have dedicated all our experience to the world of violin making. We specialise in working with Resonance Spruce, Indian Rosewood and African Ebony, which are ideal

Toledo Guitars

“Toledo is an Italian brand featuring classical and flamenco guitars conceived by a passionate team working together since 2005 to provide high value instruments in several market segments. Toledo guitars

Tonino Imperato

“Private collector and Vintage historian, known by all insiders. He will bring his experience and instruments to the Guitar Show 2023.” COUNTRY Italy BOOTH Pavillon 5- Booth D5 WEB

Tornelli Guitars

“I love building Guitars. I’ve been a woodworker and guitarist for many years. I have been making guitars for about five years and a couple of years ago I decided

Tre Valvole

“Tubes to achieve what they do best: warmth, saturation fullness and overdrive. Everything else entrusted to high quality solid-state electronics to gently manage the input, correct the tones, drive the

Trespass Audio

“Our cabinets and amplification systems aim to be the ultimate tone tool for the discerning bass player: they are designed to fit any playing style, to perfectly integrate in any

Two notes

Two Notes was born in 2008 in France from the mind of Guillaume Pille, an Electronic Engineer and great music enthusiast. His idea was to create cutting-edge products to meet

Universal Audio

“Software or hardware, every Universal Audio product is backed by a decades long legacy of innovation, superlative quality, and technical passion.” COUNTRY USA BOOTH Pavillon 11A – Booth B15-B16 WEB

Vince Carpentieri

A guitarist, teacher, and also a blogger with a passion for new technologies and social marketing, Vince Carpentieri began his career in his early twenties after graduating with honors from

Vins Guitars

“I am Vincenzo Sorice luthier since 2015. Since then I alternate between repairing and tuning classical, acoustic and electric instruments and designing and construction of my own instruments aiming for

Vintage Authority

The Vintage Authority Music Association was born in 2008 by the will of the three founding members : Simone Falavigna, Roberto Gandolfi and Cristiano Maramotti. Initially as a desire for

Vintage Choice

Furio Pozzi, passionate collector of vintage guitars and the mastermind behind ‘Vintage Choice’, is a true expert and connoisseur in the field. Always friendly and knowledgeable, Furio is like a


“Vinteck was founded in 2002 by a guitarist with the idea of making objects for himself and for guitar and bass players that were practical and functional. When we started

Visual Note

Visual Note is the creator of the product of the same name. It is a quick and easy learning system that makes studying the guitar fun, rewarding and affordable for

Volontè & Co. srl

Volonté&Co. is a company that has been involved in music publishing for years, with the aim of developing up-to-date and innovative music didactics and quality repertoire. Nowadays, Volonté & Co.

Volta Custom

Volta custom is a company specialising in the production of professional guitar effects. All parts are handmade, down to the last screw. High quality standards and Made in Italy are

Walrus Audio

“We are moved by songs, riffs, solos, melodies, lyrics and album art that come from your creativity and hard work. We’re moved by what moves you. That directly correlates to

Warm Audio

“Warm Audio has a unique combination of extensive technical knowledge in designing & developing pro audio products while fostering strong relationships and partnerships with well-established premier component manufacturers (CineMag USA

Washburn Guitars

“For over 135 years, Washburn has been committed to providing the highest quality instruments. Whether it’s a guitar, banjo, or mandolin – if it’s a Washburn, it won’t let you


“We at Yamaha want to inspire peoples’ passion and help them make a step forward to express their individuality, emotion and creativity. The “Make Waves” concept focuses on our passions


Founded in 1983, it revealed to the public the now legendary ZOOM 9002 multieffect in 1990, ahead of its time in modern guitar effects. Having earned an excellent reputation, it