From lutherie to amplification, effects, accessories, used up to the rarest and most exciting vintage. Rich in prestigious brands, fine luthiers and builders of boutique wonders, on Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 May 2022 at the Padua Exhibition Centre, the Guitar Show will present one of the largest and most complete exhibitions of instruments in Europe.

A rich event!

Hundreds of brands from all over the world. One of the largest and most representative exhibitions in southern Europe dedicated to guitar, bass and the endless and magical world of amplification and effects. Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 July 2022 at Guitar Show Padua, Italy.

Try, touch and take home!

At Guitar Show you’ll find an endless sea of new and used products. You can try everything, ask for information, touch, smell and choose to take home a new gem for your collection or for your setup as a musician. If you want, you can bring your own instrument, to try a pedal, an amp or to look for someone interested in buying or trading it.

Meet the professionals

In addition to the exhibited instruments, there are extraordinary professionals. Craftsmen, luthiers, modders, builders, retailers. The best experts of Guitar and Bass products are at Guitar Show. You will have the opportunity to meet the builders, appreciate the quality choices in creating unique items directly from those who produce them. And why not, even start designing your own custom instrument!

Exhibitors List 2022


Exhibitor Pavillon Booth
A. Piazzo srl 11A B9>B14
Acoustic Guitar Village Cremona 11B E5
Acus 11A B11
Allparts Italia 11B E2
Alpha Case – Accordo Alpha Doo 11C J13
Ampeg 11A C11
And Bad Guitars 11A C17-C18
Aramini Strumenti Musicali srl 11B F11-F13-F14
Aria Guitars 11B F14
ArteLab Guitars 11B G5
Atom Amplifiers 11A B22
Audiodesign Srl 11A A4
Baboushka Guitars – Nikolai Tomás 11C J2
BananaMusic 11B E6-E7-F15-F16
Barn Custom Guitars 11A C4 11B F2
Beetronics 11A C7
Bellini Guitars 11A D10
Bespeco Professional Srl 11B G1-G2
Bettin Pianoforti e Strumenti Musicali 11A B17-B18
BHI Guitars 11B G6
Black Kat Devices 11A D8
Blackbeard Guitars 5 A4
Blackstar 11A B12
Blade Guitars 11A B16
Blanco Instruments 11B G4
BNJ Guitars 5 C5
Bo-One Guitars 11A B20
Bogart Bass Guitars 11B G8
BRBS Amplification 11A A12
Chitarre Lodato 11C J14
Consolini Pickups 11B E4
Costalab 11A D1
Crafter 11A B13
Cuoio Sonoro 11C M4
D’Addario 11C H5
Dean Markley Strings 11A B15
Devil Picks – Plettri Artigianali di Ilaria Anastasi 11C L7
Dogal Strings 11A C9-C10
Dophix 11A B1-B2
Dowina Guitars 11A C8
Dreamsongs Pickups 11C J6
Eko Guitars 11A B14
Ennegi Guitars 11C M5
Essetipicks 11C H3
Face Distribution 11A C7
Fattoria Mendoza 11A D6
Fib Tech di Fabio Baroni 11C L6
Filbo srl 11C H4
Fossil Acoustic Guitars 5 C4
Fractal Audio System 11B F9
Frenexport Spa 11A C8 11B F9
Galli Strings 11B F11
Gallo Vinile 11B F1
GB Liuteria 11C M6
Gewa Med Srl 11C L9
Giacomo Pasquali Store 11A C13-C14
Giro di Do Strumenti Musicali Alassio 11A C16
Giulio Negrini Guitars – GNG 5 A1
GR Bass 11B F13
GR Guitar 11B F14
Guitar Sauce 11A C5-C6
Herrmann Guitars Lap Steel & Weissenborn 11C J1
HRG Guitar 11A D3
Ibanez 11B F7-F8
IBox Musical 11A B16
il Laboratorio del Vintage 11A C15
Insurance 4 music srl 11B F10
J. Rockett Audio Design 11A C7
Lamina Guitars 11C H2
Larp Liuteria Artigianale Riccardo Poggi 11C L1
Laurus Bassi Elettrici Professionali 11C L13
Licheri Guitars 11C J8
Line 6 11A C12
Liuteria Alvermann 11B G9
Liuteria Ardo 5 C2
Liuteria Fabiano Scuffi 5 C7
Liuteria Mancini 5 C8
Liuteria MN Guitars 11C M3
Liuteria Resofonica Civera 11C L8
LM Products Straps 11A B16
Ltd 11A B12
Luca Orati Bass & Double Bass 11A D7
Lucenò Guitars 5 C6
Luciano Venturini 11C M2
M.O.V. Guitars 5 A3
Magrabò Guitar Straps 11B F4-F5-F6
Manne Guitars 5 A2
Manuel Rodriguez 11C L9
Marconi Lab 5 C1
Mark Bass – Dv Mark 11A B9
Mayson Guitars 11A C17
McSound Lab 11A A3
Melacanto Melasuono 11A C2
MidiWare Srl 11A B15-B16
miniSteve Acousticwood Magnetic Pick-up 11C J10
Mirel Bass 11C L5
Mojentale Custom Guitars 11C L10
Morley 11A B15
Notamania 11B E1
Nux 11A C8
Once Upon Guitar 11A C5-C6
Orange 11A B11
Oroboro Guitars 11C L14
Ovation Guitars 11C L9
PadovaMusica 5 B3
Pedaltrain 11A C7
PierreBass 11A D9
PKV Pickups & More 11A C3
Plektro 11C J5
Plick The Pick 11C M7
QP Slide 5 A5
Raro Custom Guitars 11A A1
Red Bird Instruments 11C J9
Red Sound G66 Edition 11B F9
Redseven Amplification 11A A2
Reference Cable srl 11B F3
Reinzoo: Impronte Musicali 11B E3
Richwood Guitars 11A C17
Rigotti Cables 11B G7
Rivolta Snc di M. e S. Rivolta 5 B1
Royall Guitar 11A C17
Rumore Legno 11C J16
Schecter 11A B9
Scott Instruments 11C J7
Scuola Artigianato Artistico 11A B19
Shiver Guitar 11A B21
Shure 11A B10
Simpson Semielectric Basses 5 C3
Singular Sound 11A C8
Sire Marcus Miller 11A B10
Solidbody 11B G3
Soundsation 11A C8
Stefyline 11A B7
Stone Guitars 11A B8
Sv System 11A D5
The Guitar Channel – La Chaîne Guitare 11C M8
TiefTöner Guitar & Bass Cabinets 11A D2
TKL Europe 11B F12
Universal Audio 11A B16
Val Music 11A C17
Vinteck 11A C1
Volontè & Co. srl 11A B5-B6
Volta Custom 11A D4
Walrus Audio 11A C7
Warm Audio 11A B15
Washburn Guitars 11A B15
Wood & Tronics / Pasini Basses 11C M1
Yamaha Music Europe – GmbH Branch Italy 11A C11-C12