Exhibitors informations 2023

Padua Exhibition Centre - The Land of VENICE, May 20th-21th 2023

On Saturday, May 20 and Sunday, May 21, 2023, the Guitar Show will be back in Padua, Italy.

After the success of the 2022 edition, we are working to organize the sixth edition of the Guitar Show in May 2023. Spaces increase, located inside the city’s fairgrounds with the best services, parking and high-level logistics.

The exhibition formula of the Guitar Show includes two macro areas: one with the possibility of amplified rehearsals at one’s own booth (Hall 16), another completely silent where all amplification is forbidden and it is possible to try out instruments in dedicated rehearsal boxes (Hall 5).

Padua is confirmed as the most suitable city for an increasingly iconic event at the European level. Located in one of the most populated urban areas in Italy, at the center of a music system that in recent years has elevated this area to the highest levels of live music activity, both in terms of the presence of events, venues, festivals, and the presence of active and qualified musicians. Not only that, Padua is one of the few cities in the world to claim as many as two UNESCO Awards for a total of 8 World Heritage Sites, the Botanical Garden and the recently recognized cycle of 14th-century frescoes called “Padova Urbs Picta.” A triumph of destinations always UNESCO at a stone’s throw such as the Dolomites Natural Park, Venice, Verona, the Prosecco Hills, are a must-see attraction for those who want to combine an exhibition event such as the Guitar Show and a vacation in one of the most beautiful areas of Europe and the World.

Padua Exhibition Centre


Since the 2021 edition, the Guitar Show, has moved to the Padua Exhibition Centre. Exhibition district among the first in Italy in terms of size and events hosted, it has allowed for a quadrupling of space compared to previous editions. More space for exhibitors and the public, more services and optimized logistics.


Logistics, convenience and services are indispensable features of a quality event. The venue has large parking areas dedicated to exhibitors inside the fairgrounds. Access to the exhibition halls is easy, immediate and barrier-free. Padua offers ample parking for the public, hotels and restaurants close to the fairgrounds. The High Speed train station is a 5-minute walk away.


Large volume-controlled halls and an entire completely silent hall dedicated to the world of classical and acoustic guitar. It is possible to choose between exhibition solutions with traditional trade show booths as well as classic proposals starting from the single table.


All halls are acoustically treated with 7000 square meters of carpeting and fully covered with 4000 square meters of sound-absorbing panels and fabrics. Reflections and rumble are minimized as well as the spread of noise between the various halls, which in any case remain open to each other for better enjoyment by the public.

Things to know to choose the right solution


Exhibit solutions
Volume-controlled halls with solutions for any need. Exhibit solutions with pre-equipped exhibition booths are available in addition to classic proposals starting from the single table.

Testing of instruments by the public
Electrified tests of instruments by the public are allowed in Hall 16 and prohibited in Hall 5.
Specific rules of volume allowed:
– AREA PLAY! – Hall 16 – we give priority to the world of amplification and effects, allowing higher volumes although with restraint rules.
– QUIET AREA – Hall 16 – geared toward luthiers, publishers, schools, etc., moderate volumes.
– SILENT AREA – Hall 5 – no amplified or electrified tests allowed. There will be soundproof areas and rehearsal booths.

Demos with artists at the booth
Demos and performances by artists at the booth are possible exclusively with headphones in the Play area. The Guitar Show, at the exhibitor’s request, will provide 25 wireless headphone systems that can be rented with the exhibition spaces chosen.

The general rules for hosting performances at the booth are as follows:

  • Having at least 16sqm of exhibit space;
  • Have in place a headphone listening system for the audience (in case you can rent the 25 headphone wireless system provided by the organization at a cost of €249 + vat);
  • The use of PA systems is forbidden;
  • The use of acoustic percussion instruments is forbidden (electronic drums and cajons are allowed);

Costs and ways to exhibit


To book a space, write to or by phone at +39 380 307 33 75.

Solution reserved for collectors and/or professionals exhibiting EXCLUSIVELY used products.

  • 1 table 70 x 200
  • 2 chairs
  • electrical outlet within 5 meters from the table
  • To the cost of the table must be added the mandatory insurance fee of € 50 + vat per exhibitor

STANDARD BOOTH – €249 + vat

  • 1 table 70 x 150
  • 2 chairs
  • electrical outlet within 5 meters from the table

It is allowed to display instruments only above the table. On the ground, one small combo (play and quiet areas) and maximum one rollup are allowed next to the table.
A mandatory insurance fee of 50€ + vat per exhibitor must be added to the cost of the table

PLUS BOOTH 8MQ – €349 + vat

  • 1 table 70 x 200
  • 2 chairs
  • Waste basket
  • electrical outlet within 5 meters of the table
  • reserved area of 4 meters in front by 2 meters deep (8sqm)

To the cost of the space must be added the mandatory insurance fee of € 50 + vat per exhibitor

FREE AREA € 49 + vat sqm

Available in 8×8.8×4, 4×4, 4×3, 4×2 or multiples;
Set up with exhibitor’s structures or custom on request
Mandatory insurance fee of 50€ + vat per exhibitor must be added to the cost of the space

PREFITTED STAND 4×4 (16 SQM) OR MULTIPLE € 1299€ + vat/cad

  • Complete stand with back/side walls depending on the chosen location
  • Lighting with spotlights
  • Front panel with company name
  • Table 70×150
  • Two chairs
  • Dedicated electrical multisocket
  • To the cost of the space must be added the mandatory insurance fee of 50€ + vat per exhibitor


  • Artisans, manufacturers and general exhibitors: Each exhibit space, regardless of area, is listed in the catalog with only the exhibitor name and/or trademarks owned by the company name that owns the exhibit space and as indicated in the “data for the public” section of the participation form. Any additional trademarks may be entered in the catalog at a cost of €249 + vat
  • Stores: In addition to their own name, they may enter a maximum of 2 brands per 16sqm of exhibition space in the catalog. Any additional brands may be entered at a cost of 249€ + vat
  • Musical instrument distributors: may enter a maximum of 4 trademarks for every 16sqm of display area in the catalog. Any additional brands can be entered at a cost of 249€ + vat

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For those who want to demonstrate their products


Guitar Show has main stages for product demos with the possibility of hosting individual or band demonstrators with bass, drums and different instruments.

Demos are normally 20 minutes each, maximum one per exhibitor (while spaces last) to which must be added 10 minutes of stage set-up and 10 minutes of stage set-down. We provide sound system, lights, microphones, stands, cables, sound engineer and backliner on all stages.

Can apply all exhibitors who have already sent the application form and until the available spaces are allocated. To request an on-stage demo simply send an email to We will reply quickly confirming that the request has been registered.

To get products directly to the fair


We have an agreement with the official logistics of the Padua Fair. Companies wishing to ship their products and find them directly at the booth on set-up day can take advantage of the service by contacting:

Email reference for booking service:
Contact Mr. Marangon Carlo
Phone +39-348-999-53-83

Where to ship products:
18 Corso Stati Uniti
35127 PADUA, Italy

Warehouse opening hours:
Morning from 9.00 a.m. to 12.00 p.m.
Afternoon from 2:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

To talk with us


Luca Friso

phone +39 380 307 33 75